My week v 1


Hello there salamander. Sure, me? I had a great week last week and might as well this week. I had fun in every intense and extreme happenings happened in my life ayt now not to mention the twist it gave that affects my life as well.

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My Recent Purchases #1


FYI to all my readers: My recent blog post are my purchases made last year pa. I wasn’t able to blog it immediately because of my busy schedule.

I decided to come up with this thought of wherein I’m going to showcase every fashion-related purchases I made via online or in any boutiques here in the Philippines. In this way, I can help my co-fashion blogger viewers to know stuff I bought, where I bought them and of course the actual photo of the item.

I’m so excited when I go shopping that it feels like my body system is overflowing and giggling with full of excitement and awesomeness most especially when I see pretty and fancy clothes in a particular store. Who doesn’t?

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