12 Monkeys Anniversary Party

Went to 12 Monkeys to join their Anniversary celebration and got to see my most beloved band She’s Only Sixteen. And to also see HANA ACBD perform live but I was late so I wasn’t able to see her na.

I’m with my friend Rap Erfe because he really wanted to go with me. Thanks for a supportive and really always G friend ❤️


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Scout House Party 2015

Yay for Scout for bringing the youth crowd into a huge Scout House Party for their anniversary. Scout Magazine, as far as I can remember, already went to our school to give us, students free magazines and little stuff from them and I think it was just a little Scout at SDA event.


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#YSPROM 2015

Highschool days were one of the most recognisable and definitely the unforgettable childhood memory we all have. Bet ya’ll know about the JSPROM prommers wearing the common ball gown and black tux pairing each other like you were in a blind date party in a very so-highschool way.

I went to #YSPROM the night after I passed by Route 196 for Mateo Escueta Album Launch and to see She’s Only Sixteen, my fave band, perform pero I think I missed out their performance na because I’m late

I actually have so many memories when I hear GREEN SUN, yes, portfolio days.


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TWG Tea Day


TWG-ing in a Monday aftie was never a bad deed caused by those golden fancy interiors, still cute and classy afterall. It’s been a while since I blog and I seriously missin’ every bit of it. I have so many feels lately but I can’t seem to tweet nor facebook status those in a simple word or a sentence, both personal issues and life issues.

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