Daniel Wellington Resolution 2015

My favorite watch Daniel Wellington had this amazing challenge for those Daniel Wellington owners and lovers. They’ve shared their New Year’s Resolution via their website and reading it really challenged me to post my own resolution with my own timepiece on.

We are encouraged to participate by posting our own DW timepiece with our resolutions on to win a chance of another DW timepiece. How great isn’t it? So I didn’t bother givin’ it a try.

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Happy New Year v 2015 #ny #2015 #hello2015

Started 2015 with a bang! And ended 2014 with a HO! I’m so excited to know how my life would be in 2015. I want to experience more challenges and possibilities the world will give me. Maybe graduation, why not? Who knows? I want to end college as soon as possible to finally start working for a living legitimately, well, my business registration is on the process right now and will soon create something, my own, created.


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Lens Be With You

What’s up niggas? It’s been a while. I’m so happy that I’m back blogging again after a very tiring and busy long time. As you may guys know or may not know at all, we are currently preparing for our upcoming big event for all Artists and Designers in our school who are taking up MMPORTFOL this term. I’m really so excited about it because it’s an MMA student’s special event to happen for once in their college life. I will blog about that very very soon.


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Christmas 2014 at Umu Restaurant

It’s Christmas time again. Felt excited and relieved knowing that my friends as well as my relatives are having fun enjoying and celebrating their special holiday with someone they really love. All their tables are completely set up with fruits, special foods and drinks(cocktails or wine or champagne), so lovely as I saw them in my facebook feed. Tbh I’m really happy that they are on my feed to be able to know what they’re up to, please excuse myself for being a lil stalky loljk but it’s normal since they’re my friends in real life.

Yes, today, December 25th, my mom and I celebrated this day together at Dusit Hotel. Not so fun because my brother doesn’t want to join us in our lunch, felt sad.


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